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Left notice management

Following an attempted delivery notice, the consignee is advised of an attempted delivery via:

  • e-mail or SMS (if the sender has activated the alert service)
  • a notice left by the courier in their letter box

With these notices it is possible to inform the consignee of the time of the attempted delivery, the BRTcode and the approximate date and time of the re-delivery, generally scheduled for the next working day.

The consignee can change our schedule by inserting the BRTcode in the dedicated space on the homepage of our website and requesting:

  • a new delivery, to the same address and on another day/at another time
  • a new delivery to a different address (if the sender has given prior authorisation)
  • collection of the shipment from a branch (goods in depot).

Following a second failed delivery attempt, where possible the branch will contact the consignee directly.

In the event of direct shipments to private individuals, telephone calls will be made after 6 p.m.

If no indications have been received after 3 working days, the shipment will be classed as undelivered.