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Secure box

A safe way to transport your parcels containing glass bottles for express delivery

It is a handy and safe packaging system for the transport and express delivery of parcels containing glass bottles of any size for wine, oil, spirits and other liquids.
The packaging is completely modular and easy to assemble. It offers good protection for the content of the parcels avoiding possible breakages caused by accidental impacts during transport and guaranteeing that your products remain completely intact.

SECURE BOX makes it possible to transport your parcels quickly and reliably using BRT 's express service and to deliver them in complete safety to your customers in Italy, Europe and the whole world.

The advantages of Secure Box:

  • SAFE The packaging was designed and tested especially for express transport.
  • HANDYEasy to assemble: only a few steps needed to put together the components of the internal wrapping.
  • SPACE-SAVINGIt is provided flat-packed to allow better rationalisation of storage space.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY It is completely made from 100% recyclable cardboard and combines high levels of protection with care and respect for the environment.
  • ADAPTABLEDesigned to cope with any standard type of bottle on the market in sizes from 37.5 to 100 cl: from Champagne to Claret bottles for wine and from Marasca to Amphora bottles for oil.
  • DIFFERENT SIZES FOR EVERY NEED Available in 4 different sizes for 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 bottles, allowing shipment of different quantities of bottles.

You will also be able to receive cash-on-delivery payments within a few days of shipment, make the most of all the other value-added services and use our website to receive all the information about the shipments in real time.

To request Secure Boxes just contact your nearest BRT branch by consulting the relevant section of this site.

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