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06.15.2011 - Company name change

We inform you that by an act dated May 30th, 2011 of Notary Carlo Vico, joined to the Board of Notaries of Bologna-Italy, the Company " BRT SpA" tax code, VAT and Companies Register No. 04507990150, has deliberated to change its name into BRT SpA. This modification will be effective from June 6th, 2011.
It remains unchanged the Registered Office, which is placed in Milan - Piazza Diaz n. 7, the Administrative and Operational headquarter, which is placed in Bologna - Via Mattei 42, the tax code, the number of Company Registration and VAT, which is following number: 04507990150.

Therefore, starting from the date of June 6th, 2011, all services will be billed by the Company BRT SpA, Milan - Piazza Diaz 7, VAT number 04507990150.
All pre-existing relationships will continue unchanged with BRT SpA.

BRT S.p.A. All rights reserved - Tax Code 04507990150 - Milan Trade Register Nr. 04507990150 - VAT Nr. IT04507990150