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Online shipping cost calculation

This is a service that allows BRT customers that have an identification code and password to access the "Online Services" of the site 24 hours out of 24 and independently calculate the cost of a shipment for Italy and abroad, carriage free or carriage forward, saving time in contacting your area branch via phone or e-mail.
In order to calculate the cost of a shipment (VAT excluded), just enter a few pieces of simple information: date, postal code, place of departure and arrival, no. of packages, weight and volume. If you don't know what the volumetric weight is, just enter the relative measurements and the system will provide a small automatic calculation tool even if you have several packages with different weights and/or volumes.


There are also specific fields to enter additional details of the shipment: for example use of the 10:30, Priority or Express services, and the possibility of indicating the amount to be insured or the value of cash on delivery.

Finally, once you have completed the calculation procedure, the system allows you to directly access the "Collection request" section to book the shipment.