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04.17.2014 - New notification services via e-mail or SMS

Services for notification to the addressee by SMS or E-MAIL have been implemented, both in terms of quantity and details of information supplied.

The Notice of shipment dispatch has in fact been supplemented with the approximate delivery time: very important to the addressee, often a private citizen, to avoid long waiting periods at home.

Furthermore, two further informative alerts are now provided and complete the range of information sent to the addressee by e-mail or SMS.These are:

Notice of attempted delivery
Sent to the addressee, by e-mail or SMS, in the event of his absence when the BRT driver arrived. This notice contains the date, usually scheduled for the following working day, for carrying out the new delivery, and the approximate time.
In order better to organize his day, the addressee may indicate different delivery instructions by contacting Customer Services.

Notice of holding at depot
Sent by e-mail or SMS, if the sender has supplied the addressee’s contact details (e-mail or mobile number) to BRT.
This notice indicates the availability of the goods at the depot and supplies addresses, timetables and contact details. Thus the addressee will be promptly informed.

The BRT branch Customer Services is available for any relevant information.

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