Codice assistenza

Customer Service

For information on the status of your shipment, to request a pick-up or to unlock a shipment on hold you can use the online services on the website or in the App.

We remind you that in order to access BRT services and to provide you with the best assistance, you must have some identification codes.

Customer Code

Upon activation of the contract you will be given a customer code to identify you in a univocal way. The customer code is always shown in the upper left hand corner of each invoice.


Each shipment is assigned a unique number consisting of 14 numeric characters that allows you to access your shipment. The BRTcode is reported in the email and SMS of taking charge, on the BRT waybill or on the coupon of left notice.

BRT shipping number

Each shipment is assigned a univocal number consisting of 14 numeric characters.

Sender reference number

It is the code attributed by the sender for his shipments, generally it is the number of the Document of Transport (DDT).