BRT-fermopoint. 7,000 definitions of freedom

Today there is a new service to support online sales and schedule purchase pick-up.

Have you been shopping on the web? Thanks to more than 7,000 BRT-fermopoint you only have to choose the most convenient delivery location near you.

It is a great advantage in terms of freedom and possibilities, in fact all newsagents, tobacconists, stationers and other BRT-fermopoint affiliated activities guarantee great flexibility in terms of hours and days for picking-up your purchases.

The reference point of your success

The reference point of your success

More freedom of choice, more flexibility, and an even easier shopping experience, from pick-up to return delivery. This is why BRT-fermopoint was born, the network composed of pick-up and delivery points designed for the collection of online purchases and the shipment of returns.

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vicini per definizione

Close by definition

Maximum freedom in the choice of the place of delivery and the management of returns, thanks to over 7,000 pick-up points close and widespread throughout the country: a vast network of neighbourhood stores that includes, among others, stationery stores, newsstands, phone stores, etc.


Available by nature

The recipient can choose the BRT-fermopoint that best suits his/her schedule and is in line with his/her daily needs (even on weekends).


Sustainable by choice

Convenience and sustainability go hand in hand: concentrating shipments in a single point reduces the number of kilometres for the transport of your purchases with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.


Always there for you

BRT-fermopoint accompanies you at all times, making the purchasing experience simple and pleasant thanks to e-mail and/or SMS alerts, 10 days of custody and insurance coverage.

Pick up your products not only at home or at the office, but choosing
freely among over 7,000 BRT-fermopoint.