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Solutions dedicated to the world of e-commerce to help you develop your business and guarantee greater flexibility, for you and your customers.


Custom services

Flexibility to meet all the needs of the recipient: from deliveries to a specific floor to nominated time slots, from secure PIN numbers to Saturday deliveries. Just choose the BRT service that best fits your requirements.


Any destination

We deliver goods anywhere in Italy (within 24-48 hours on the islands and in the south) and all over the world, guaranteeing you a fast and on-time service.

Call center

Assistance just a click away

We have a dedicated care line for account holders while our branch personnel are always on hand to help with any problems you might have. In addition, thanks to the myBRT platform and the chatbot your shipments are just a click away.

Pickup point

Pick-up where you want

A network of over 8,700 BRT-fermopoint collection points across Italy and the Geopost extended network of 110,000 pick-up points all over Europe.

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Discover the integrations available

Many features

Plug & Ship dashboard Plug & Ship dashboard

Many features

Plug & Ship is a plugin developed to support businesses and SMEs in the world of e-commerce.

Plug & Ship integrates BRT solutions for online commerce with 80 e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, allowing merchants to optimize and simplify the shipping flow.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, it is possibile to:

  • Create orders, labels and picking lists
  • Monitor and trace shipments and update their status
  • Monitor cash-on-delivery shipments
  • Redirect the shipment to the BRT-fermopoint after the checkout phase

BRT-fermopoint plugin

Woman with mobile phone Woman with mobile phone

BRT-fermopoint plugin

BRT-fermopoint plugin is the solution developed to integrate the BRT-fermopoint network with the most widely used e-commerce platforms among Italian companies.

In order to support our customers in their digital evolution, BRT has developed new plug-ins to integrate the BRT-fermopoint network on the main e-commerce platforms being most widely used by Italian companies.

The integration allows online shoppers to choose, in a quick and easy way, where to pick up the shipment within the BRT-fermopoint network which features more than 8,700 pick-up points throughout Italy.

What are the benefits?

  • Greater flexibility: BRT-fermopoint can be viewed both on the map and on the list
  • Updated information on the opening days and hours of the pick-up points
  • If you use Easysped web, you can automatically download the import of your orders in a few clicks.

The plug-in is currently available for the e-commerce platform of PrestaShop, version and higher, and WooCommerce, version 5.6.0 and higher.


Man with laptop Man with laptop


EasySpedWeb is a solution which makes the whole shipping process faster and easier. It was developed for those who want to manage their shipments in a fully independent way.

By using EasySpedWeb, clients will be able to carry out the following operations:

  • enter the data of the shipments to be carried out
  • print parcel labels with a laser printer on adhesive paper provided by BRT
  • decide when and for which shipments entered to give pick-up instructions
  • print the packing list to be given to the driver during the pick-up phase
  • transmit the data of the shipments picked up to their BRT branch
  • import data from the main e-commerce platforms (Ebay, Magento Prestashop, Woocommerce, Shopify)

EasySpedWeb is a direct and fast service especially designed for companies with a small number of daily shipments that, without any software installation on their computer, offers all the advantages of a web solution:

  • fully independent management, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • use on several computers by multiple users
  • reduction of the margin of error in data entry
  • storage of data related to the usual recipients

Integration of Information Systems

webimage-B7020319-D19B-4ED5-ACC7CF83FE1E53DA.jpg webimage-B7020319-D19B-4ED5-ACC7CF83FE1E53DA.jpg

Integration of Information Systems

The service allows authorised customers to send and/or receive data through the network, thus integrating their information system with BRT one.

Customers can send to BRT:

  • Requests for pick-up
  • Data on outgoing shipments
  • Instructions on shipments on hold

Customers can receive from BRT:

  •  The results of pick-ups entrusted
  • The acceptance of outgoing shipments
  • The results of deliveries
  • The opening and closing notice for shipments on hold
  • The payment data of cash on delivery
  • The data relating to invoiced shipments

The exchange of data can take place in different ways: via a simple e-mail or using communication systems such as sFTP , FTPs and web services, developed with secure protocols so as to ensure a high level of data security and protection.

The ways in which the services are used must be agreed directly with the local BRT branch.

The Integration of Information Systemst is particularly useful for companies that have high volumes of outbound or inbound traffic and companies operating in e-commerce.

Digital parcel label

Shipping has never been easier

Thanks to the digital parcel label, you can offer consumers:

  • the convenience of no longer having to print the label
  • a smoother shipping process
  • a simpler flow for return management

Digital parcel label

Shipping has never been easier

Thanks to the digital parcel label, you can offer consumers:

  • the convenience of no longer having to print the label
  • a smoother shipping process
  • a simpler flow for return management
Digital parcel label

How does it work?

  1. The sender goes to a shop of the BRT-fermopoint network and shows the Digital Parcel label in QR code format.
  2. The retailer scans the DPL and labels the package with the label and scans it to match the two references.
  3. The driver collects the shipment and deliver it to BRT depot.
  4. The shipment is entered in the BRT circuit.
  5. The expedition continues its journey to the recipient.
Digital parcel label

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