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Can I manage my shipments online in an independent way?

Are you the sender with the BRT customer code? Here is what you can do: calculating the cost of a shipment, requesting a pick-up, viewing the outcome of shipments, managing and unlocking shipments on hold, viewing the status of cash-on-delivery shipments, viewing the recipient's signature (P.O.D. image). Are you the recipient? Here are the services at your disposal: if you have the BRTcode or the tracking number, you can follow the status of your shipments. If you have the security code, you can change the date/time or address of delivery, choose a pick-up at the branch or at a BRT-fermopoint and unlock the deliveries on hold.

I do not have the password to the reserved area. Where do I find it?

If you have a BRT customer code, you simply have to download the dedicated form  (link)  and follow the instructions.

I have a BRT customer code, but I lost my password, how do I get a new one?

Just click to this link and download again the dedicated form. Fill it out and follow the instructions given.

  • Delivery
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What can I do with the BRTcode?

With the BRTcode you can follow your delivery in an easy, quick and independent way on brt.it website. ou will be able to change the shipping address (if authorized by the sender), change the date and time slot of delivery, choose the delivery to a BRT-fermopoint, request a pick-up at the branch, provide all the details to manage the goods on hold. Remember that not all shipments are the same, for this reason the features may not be available for your shipment.


Where do I find my BRTcode?

You will find your BRTcode in the SMS or in the e-mails that you received for shipment custody, or on the notice left by the courier after the delivery attempt.

What is track and tracing?

It is the easiest way to follow the status of your shipment: enter the home page of brt.it and insert your BRTcode in the box. Alternatively, by clicking the link in the e-mail and in the SMS about shipment custody you can directly access the monitoring and modification of your shipment.

How can I check if my shipment has been delivered?

If you are a subscribing customer, go to your reserved area and enter your BRT customer code. After entering the data required, you can view the delivery status and the waybill with the recipient's signature (P.O.D. Image). If you are the recipient of your shipment, go to the home page in the "where is my shipment" section and enter your BRTcode.

Can I change the delivery address?

Go to the website to track and modify your shipment. Enter the BRTcode and the security code and check if you can change the delivery address. Such a change must be authorised by the sender: if you cannot change the address from the BRT website, directly contact the sender of your shipment.

What happens if there's a delivery but I'm not home?

The courier will leave a coupon with the details of the shipment, in the mailbox, and on the next business day he will make a new delivery attempt. If the sender has communicated his/her data, you will receive an e-mail or an SMS with the details of the new delivery. If you cannot be at home that day, enter the BRTcode in the "Where is my shipment" box on the home page and change the address (if you are authorised by the sender), the delivery date, choose a BRT-fermopoint or the branch pick-up.

Which are your delivery times?

In Italy the delivery is generally made within 24/48 hours: to find out the exact delivery time enter the zip code in the "calculate delivery times” section. In case of an international shipment by road, the delivery takes place within 48/72 hours in most European countries. For deliveries by air, it is necessary to consult the pdf at this link 

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What can I manage with the "track a pick-up" feature?

By logging in with your BRT customer number you will be able to track your request for a pick-up and monitor the status of your delivery. To access this information, you will need to know the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, the date of pick-up, the date on which you requested the pick-up or its reference number (number automatically assigned by the system when you enter the pick-up request).

Can I request a fast delivery service by 12 p.m.?

Yes, if the sender has requested it when the goods are collected. With the PRIORITY service, the goods will arrive by 12 p.m. of the day after the pick-up, with no limits of weight, volume or number of parcels.

It is even more urgent? With the "10:30 a.m. Service" you have the delivery by 10:30 a.m. on the next morning after pick-up. With this service the parcel cannot exceed 100 kg and 0.5 cubic meters in volume. Warning: Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia and locations more than 800 km away require an additional 12/24 hours.

Which items are not suitable for pick-up?

We cannot transport dangerous goods, perishable food and medicines. For further information, see "terms and conditions"

Can I request a pick-up directly on-line?

"Yes, quickly, 24 hours a day. If you have a customer code, go to your reserved area in the section Pickup Reservation and fill in all the required fields, even the non-mandatory ones for an even more efficient procedure. If you do not have a customer code, click on the following link and fill in all the required fields. To finalize your request, you will be contacted by our sales department for all the details."


What are the delivery times for an intercontinental shipment?

At this link you can check the delivery times. The service allows shipping worldwide envelopes up to 2.5 kg, express parcels up to 68 kg and "messenger" type shipments with parcels weighing up to 1,000 kg.

Can I ship very heavy pallets through you?

Of course, using the Express Messenger service: deliveries without weight or volume limits even within 24 hours from pick-up in all provincial capitals and hinterland *.

*Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia require 24 additional hours

  • Shipments on hold
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What is the "track shipment on hold" function?

Inside your reserved area, with the “track shipment on hold” function you can monitor the status of a blocked shipment and know why it was blocked. To unlock the shipment on hold, enter new instructions.

My shipment is on hold, what does that mean?

Your shipment may be on hold for several reasons: the recipient was absent, unknown or transferred, the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, or the recipient refused the goods. To unlock the goods, log in to your reserved area, go to the "track shipment on hold" section and enter new instructions.

Can I unlock the shipment on hold?

Yes, if you are the sender and you have a BRT customer code, access your reserved area, go to the "track and trace" section to unblock the shipment and enter new orders. If you are the recipient of the shipment click directly on the link you find in the email or sms we sent you and unblock the shipment or directly from track and tracing using the BRTcode

  • Cash on delivery
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Can I make a shipment with cash-on-delivery payment? Which payment methods can I request from the recipient?

Yes, you can ask the recipient to pay cash on delivery or with cheques or bank drafts directly payable to you. Subject to further information, the cash-on-delivery shipment will be paid in cash up to 2,000€, beyond this amount only bank drafts payable to BRT S.p.A. will be accepted.

Are there limits to the amount of the cash on delivery?

For shipments to Italy there are no limits to the amount. If you ship abroad, please contact your sales office to understand the limits of the amount provided for the different types of payment.

After how long will the cash-on-delivery credit be available?

If the cash on delivery is in your name, the payment will be credited within 7 working days from the date of collection. If the cash-on-delivery shipment has been paid in cash, the refund times vary: every day by bank transfer, every 15 days by drawing cheque (sent via the priority service of Poste Italiane).

Can I check if the recipient has paid the cash on delivery?

Sure, go to your reserved area and enter your BRT customer code.

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Collection - What should I do if the QR code is unreadable?

Try cleaning the player glass and removing the dark mode from your smartphone, or use the PIN Code.

Collection - What should I do if the locker screen does not work?

For any malfunction or report (the locker must be clean, the door does not close or is damaged, etc.), write us through the contact form at the bottom of the email received by BRT for collection.

Collection - The drawer is empty, what should I do?

If the drawer is empty, send a request by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the email received by BRT for collection. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Collection - What should I do if the door does not open?

Make sure you have scanned the QR Code or entered the PIN Code correctly, and that you are at the correct locker.

Collection - I found a shipment not addressed to me, how can I resolve this issue?

If inside the drawer you found a shipment NOT addressed to you, write us through the contact form at the bottom of the email received by BRT for collection. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Shipping - What should I do if the door does not open?

Make sure you have scanned the barcode correctly. If the problem persists, you can go to a BRT-fermopoint to finish the shipment and please report the malfunction by filling in the form.

Shipping - What should I do if the drawer is too small to hold the shipment?

In the event that the open drawer is too small to hold the shipment, you can cancel the procedure and select the nearest BRT-fermopoint where you can go and deposit the shipment.