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DPDgroup is a leading European network for single-parcel deliveries.

The DPDgroup service hallmarks are simplicity, efficiency, speed and low costs.

  • 1 parcel per shipment
  • 31.5 kg max weight per parcel
  • 175 cm max length per parcel
  • 300 cm max size (perimeter of smallest base of parcel added to height must not total more than 300 cm)
  • cash on delivery shipments are not accepted
  • carriage forward shipments are not accepted
  • No cash on delivery or carriage forward shipments are accepted;
  • No shipments on pallets, deliveries to post office boxes, deliveries by appointment or goods in depot accepted; no direct deliveries to trade fairs.


  • more than 2,000,000 parcels delivered daily
  • more than 200,000 client companies (DPDgroup operates in the business to business market)
  • 22,000 employees
  • 15,000 vehicles for transport and delivery
  • 500 branches in Europe

Ancillary services

  • on-line proof of delivery
  • insurance services
  • management of undelivered goods
  • import service

Advantages of the service

  • daily connections; minimum transit times 48 h
  • user-friendly service (considered a Europe-wide standard): exclusively single parcel deliveries (max weight 31.5 kg)
  • dpd, a leading EU brand, is ISO-certified
  • widely known for its reliability (2,000,000 parcels delivered daily)
  • simple, cost-saving tariffs
  • integrated information system with bar code system to ensure full tracking
  • proof of delivery (signed by consignee, with data and time of delivery) displayed, with printout option, on BRT 's Web Site.