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The EuroExpress network, made up of a group of express couriers, provides a European distribution service which integrates and is complementary to dpdgroup's service.

The service also manages the following shipments: multi-parcel shipments (including pallet loads), cash on delivery, carriage forward. Shipments are accepted up to 3000 kg each.


Parcels must meet the following requirements:

  • Weight not over 50 kg
  • Maximum height 120 cm
  • Maximum length 300 cm
  • Maximum width 150 cm
  • Maximum volume 2 m3

Pallets must not exceed the following measurements:

  • Weight 1000 kg
  • Height 180 cm
  • Length 120 cm
  • Width 120 cm

Personal effects, goods for individuals or fairs and goods on pallets to recipients without the equipment for unloading them are not accepted.

EuroExpress network

  • more than 600 branches
  • more than 16,000 individual operators

Ancillary services

  • proof of delivery
  • cash on delivery
  • carriage forward
  • supermarket deliveries
  • delivery on appointment
  • insurance services.

The service enables pick-up in the countries covered. It can be fulfilled by directing a simple request to the local BRT branch (the request can also be entered through the Internet).

Advantages of the service

  • daily connections with transit times of min 2 days for difficult destinations
  • network made up of national partners with specialised know how relative to local deliveries
  • reliable service, with electronically controlled, agreed delivery times
  • customer care service backed up by a unique information system (the BRT information system)
  • service flexibility, with many additional services
  • proof of delivery (POD) provided on request.