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Fuel surcharge

 The fuel surcharge is a price adjustment applied on the basis of the tariff terms and conditions agreed on and calculated as a function of:

  • the reference base price indicated in the contract signed by the customer
  • the average weekly price of diesel fuel
  • the Minimum Value Applied (M.V.A.) equal to 1.617 Euros/litre

and of the other tariff terms and conditions indicated in the contract.

The average weekly prices of diesel fuel for the last 2 months are shown here to the side (collected by the [Italian] Ministry of Economic Development), along with the table of “Diesel fuel price increases/reductions”. Each price bracket in the table of "Diesel fuel price increases/reductions" has been increased by 1% with respect to the price bracket below it.

Calculating the fuel surcharge is fast and easy and simply requires counting the number of price brackets that separate the average weekly price of diesel fuel, or M.V.A., from the “reference base price” and multiplying them by the percentage indicated in the tariff terms and conditions.