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Integration of information systems (data exchange service)

This service enables clients with a password to send and/or receive data via the Internet in order to interface their own information systems with the BRT information system.

This service is particularly important for companies with large traffic volumes (departure or arrival), and for client companies engaging in remote retailing, teleselling/home selling or e-commerce activities.


Clients can send BRT :

  • Pick-up requests
  • Departure shipment data
  • In-hold specifications

Clients can receive from BRT :

  • Assignment pick-up status
  • Receipt of departure shipments
  • Consignment status
  • In-hold specifications (initiation and interruption)
  • Cash on delivery payments data
  • Data relative to shipments with invoice

The data exchange can be fulfilled via e-mail or FTP by accessing the "Data Exchange" Menu placed inside the on-line services area.

A further integration opportunity is offered by a "link-connection" between the customer's web site and BRT 's Track and Tracing system.

The way the services can be used should be agreed with the local BRT 's branch.