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This is a new service which satisfies the needs of those who intend to manage their shipments completely independently and it makes the entire shipment process faster and simpler.

Once they have obtained specific authorisation from their commercial contact and after accessing the "online services" area on the web site, the users may carry out the following operations:

  • enter data concerning the shipments to be made
  • print the labels with a laser printer on self-adhesive paper supplied by BRT
  • decide when to give the collection instructions and for which shipments
  • print the shipment schedule to be handed over to the driver during the collection stage
  • transmit the data for shipments collected at the BRT branch.

It is a direct and fast service designed especially for firms with a small number of daily shipments which, without the installation of any software on their computers, offers the following advantages:

  • completely independent management, 24/7.
  • use on more than one computer by several users
  • reduction in the margin of error
  • storage of the data relative to the usual consignees