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  • Customers who decide to make use of BRT logistics services can rely on a specialised structure with the following strong points:
  • Integration of logistics and distribution Systems dedicated to logistics support services are located adjacent to major hubs: a concrete guarantee of the timeliness and speed of shipments.
  • One contactAll stages of the process, from order management to warehouse management, all the way to final delivery, are managed by one single contact with one continuous and personalised customer assistance structure. Customers themselves may connect to the information system for constant visibility on the order status and management of shipments in Italy, Europe and throughout the world. Today, BRT is one of the few companies on the market providing logistics services that are integrated with distribution services.
  • Operating flexibilityThe wide range of services offered and customisation of them allows us to meet even the most detailed needs, whether they involve only logistics or distribution.
  • Customised costs As with the distribution services, rates for logistics services are processed on a customer-by-customer basis as well, after an attentive analysis of customer needs and the resources necessary to meet those needs. Operating and information integration can further reduce costs while safeguarding and ensuring high quality.
  • ReliabilityBRT constantly checks that operating procedures, agreed-upon delivery times and methods are respected. ISO 9002 certification is the guarantee of that recorded by quality control systems: 96% of shipments are delivered on time.
  • Transparency Customers can directly check the efficiency and effectiveness of our work through the use of concrete tools: operating plans, online information, customised statistical reports.
  • Security All our systems feature the most state-of-the-art anti-burglary, anti-theft and fire-proof systems. Telephone connections and relay stations are always linked to the Police, Fire Department and private security services. All vehicles used to transfer and deliver goods feature adequate anti-theft systems and satellite monitoring.
  • Professionalism Logistics specialists at BRT have worked in the sector for many years and have highly qualified experience and expertise.