20. February 2023 | News

E-shopper barometer, the latest e-shopper trends in Europe

In a highly unstable context, consumers continue to choose e-commerce as a means of saving time, stress, and money.

It is what emerges from the e-shopper barometer, the Geopost study based on a detailed analysis of almost 24,000 e-shoppers distributed across 22 European countries, which reveals interesting insights for tomorrow.

Price consciousness is shaping consumer behaviour

Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, price is playing an especially powerful role in determining consumers’ choices. As a result, exchanges between private consumers are on the rise, with both buyers and sellers increasingly convinced by the positive impact of C2C transactions.

E-shoppers have higher expectations than ever

European e-shoppers have become increasingly demanding. Their heightened expectations have resulted in a shopping and delivery experience that is perceived as somewhat less smooth than in the past.

OOH solutions are gaining ground

Home remains the preferred delivery place, but out-of-home (OOH) solutions are increasingly used and expected. A growing number of regular e-shoppers prefer to be delivered via OOH and among them is an equal preference for parcel shops and parcel lockers.

Groceries and fresh food and beverages continue to thrive

Although purchases have decreased slightly due to inflation and rising prices, food, fresh and beverages maintain their appeal and continue to grow together with healthcare products. Fashion remains the main reason for purchase.

Predictability is key to customer satisfaction

When it comes to delivery, predictability can make all the difference – being able to choose or at least know the one-hour window of the delivery is now among e-shoppers’ prerequisites and is bound to drive purchases from a website offering such possibilities.

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