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Pursuant to the laws regulating the insurance of transported goods, the carrier is liable for loss and  damage of the objects delivered to it for transport from the moment it receives them until they are delivered to the consignee unless said losses or damages are caused by a fortuitous event, by nature or by defects of the same objects or their packaging (Art. 1693 of the Italian Civil Code).

Without prejudice to the concept of liability sanctioned by Art. 10 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 286/2005 that in the case of damage established a maximum reimbursable limit up to €1.00 per gross kilogram of lost or damaged goods.

In the case of international road haulage, the carrier’s liability is regulated by the International Convention of Geneva, commonly called CMR (Convention relative au contrat de transport international de Marchandises par Route) of 19/5/1956, which provides for the maximum reimbursement of SDR 8.33 (Special Drawing Rights) per gross kg transported.
The SDR value can be found in the leading daily financial newspapers in their currencies section.

International air freight is regulated by the Warsaw Convention of 12/10/29 and the subsequent amending protocols that provide for a maximum reimbursement of SDR 17 per gross kilogram of lost or damaged goods. In the case of combined transport (air and road), the Warsaw convention is applied to air freight only.

Any additional or specific insurance requirement must be discussed in advance with the BRT salesperson in order to ensure full satisfaction of the customer’s needs.