I have urgent shipments to make of very heavy pallets: is BRT able to collect them and deliver them the next day?

Our EXPRESS FREIGHT service guarantees delivery of heavy and bulky shipments within 24 hours of collection in all provincial capitals and their surrounding areas (excluding Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia which require an additional 24 hours). To be able to offer a fast, secure and professional service, our organisation makes use of dedicated branches, specially designed processes and large capacity collection and delivery vehicles (3,000 - 6,000 kg equal to 23-35 cubic metres), with tail lifts.

What are the advantages of sending heavy and bulky parcels with BRT ?

No weight limit per shipment and destination (we transport goods throughout the world), customised prices, specialist customer service organised at branch level, payment for the goods by cash on delivery with very quick repayment times, possibility of insuring the goods, constant monitoring of the shipment, deliveries to supermarkets, deliveries to private individuals, by appointment and to upper floors, international logistics service.

Cash on delivery

I'd like to make a shipment with payment by cash on delivery: what forms of payment by the recipient can I use?

You can ask for the payment to be made by bank cheque or bank draft made out directly to you. If you do not give precise instructions, the payment will be collected in cash up to 3.000 euros. Beyong such amount the payment will be collected only by bank draft made out to BRT S.p.A.

Are there limits to the amount payable by cash on delivery with BRT ?

There are no limits for cash-on-delivery shipments in Italy, although for deliveries abroad (excluding certain countries where you cannot send using cash on delivery), the limit is 2,500 euros for cash payments and of 10.000 euros for the cheques.

I've made a shipment with cash on delivery: when can I expect to receive my money?

If the payment was made with an instrument made out to you, you will receive it within a maximum of 7 working days from the collection date. On the other hand, if the payment is made in cash, the repayment time will depend on how we have agreed to repay you: daily, for bank transfers; every two weeks, for drawing cheques (sent using Poste Italiane's priority service).

Can a C.O.D. shipment be paid for in cash?

Yes, but only up to 3,000 euros.

Can I use BRT 's online services to check whether the consignee has paid me for the shipment?

Of course. If you are one of our customers with a code and have requested the special password you can access these questions/checks in the special Online Services section of our website.

Goods insurance

I have to send goods of a certain value and I'd like to know if there is a form of insurance which guarantees me against any damage?

BRT offers its customers two forms of insurance which will pay compensation in the event of damage. 1) AC BASIC: this is a standard insurance policy; it is simple and cheap with a single premium and offers a maximum indemnity level of 6.20€/kg, All Risk cover, no exclusions or excess, with the goods being insurable only by weight; 2) AC PLUS: this insurance product is more flexible and can be customised to meet customer requirements; it includes different maximum indemnity levels, a variable premium and the goods can be insured by parcel, weight, or shipment. Phone customer service for details for specific cases.

Unacceptable goods

Which goods are not accepted for collection?

In the "Legal/Terms of sale" section of our website, in art. 12 of the General Terms and Conditions, you can see the "Goods not accepted by the carrier".

Urgent shipments

I have a parcel to send but I need it to arrive by the next morning: what can I do?

When the goods are collected, the sender must request the PRIORITY SERVICE. This means that the goods will arrive by 12 o'clock the day following collection in approximately 3,000 Italian towns and cities, with no limit to the weight, volume or number of parcels per shipment. Or else, for even more urgent requests, you can use the 10:30 SERVICE, for deliveries by 10.30 the morning following collection, for shipments up to 100 kg in weight and 0,5 cubic metres in volume. Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia and places more than 800 km away require an extra 12/24 hours.

Delivery by appointment

What can I do to be contacted before delivery?

When the goods are collected the sender must request the appointment service. In this way, when the goods have arrived at our destination branch they will wait there until telephone instructions have been received from the consignee concerning the delivery date and time.

Foreign shipment delivery times

I have to make a shipment to Hong Kong: how long will it take for the goods to get there?

For shipments abroad, our company uses European partners for shipments by road (dpdgroup for single-parcel shipments and the EuroExpress network for multi-parcel shipments) and Fedex for air transport. To check delivery times, consult the " BRT /International air services" section of our website, and download the pdf file about the countries served in which you will find the delivery times for the whole world.

European shipment delivery times

What are the delivery times for shipments within Europe?

The maps at the end of the pages of dpdgroup service and EuroExpress service show the delivery times country by country. However, our customer service is always available to answer your questions and can give all this information.

Online services

What are BRT 's online services?

They are digital tools that allow autonomous 24-hour access to various services such as requesting a collection, monitoring the status of a shipment (live tracking), locating a BRT branch and calculating delivery times. BRT customers with a password can also access a reserved area and use additional services.

What operations can I carry out online?

Primarily the following: calculate the shipping cost in advance, request a collection, find out the outcome of shipments, manage undelivered goods processes and give instructions to resolve them, view the status of cash-on-delivery shipments, view a consignee's signature for a shipment (P.O.D. image service).

What advantages can I enjoy by using the online services?

EASE OF USE: just insert your details in the straightforward fields to quickly get the information you need.
FLEXIBILITY: active and accessible 24 HOURS A DAY.
IMMEDIACY: the data are constantly updated in real time
AUTONOMY: self-service functions that enable you to save time.

What is track and tracing?

The service lets you trace a shipment and track its progress, as all the data regarding it can be seen. The service can be consulted by entering various search parameters which allow you to identify the shipment within the BRT archives. Depending on the chosen search method, shipments made during the last 2 or 12 months can be taken into consideration.

How do I get a password?

By pressing the "Request password" button on the home page of the BRT site. You will be able to download the password request form. You will just need to fill it in and follow the instructions it contains.

How do I change my password?

Proceed as follows: 1) log in entering your existing user name and password;
2) from the USER FUNCTIONS menu, click on the CHANGE PASSWORD service;
3) if you have NOT yet used a Service which requires you to enter user name/password, a window will open in which you will have to type your existing user name and password again;
4) at this point the actual change password page will appear and you will be asked to type your current password and your new one (the latter twice);
5) click on CHANGE PASSWORD to confirm the data you have entered.

I am a regular customer but I've lost my password: what must I do?

All BRT customers who have signed a transport services supply contract automatically receive a password. If you mislay it, go to the online services/request password section and download a form which you must fill in, stamp and send by fax to your reference branch. Alternatively, phone your branch and you will receive all the assistance you need.

I am not a regular customer: can I also request a collection?

Yes. NON regular customers (those without a code and therefore without a password) can access the system and book a collection online by entering their tax code or VAT number. Then enter the information concerning the sender, i.e. the name and the place where the goods are to be collected. Lastly, indicate who will be paying or choose WHO from the sender, consignee or instructing party (the latter only applies to regular customers) will pay the transport costs. For customers without a contract, there are two means of shipment and payment:
1) Payment by the sender
2) Payment by the consignee. For special requests, contact your local BRT branch.

What is an O.R.M. (collection order)?

O.R.M. stands for Ordine Ritiro Merce (Goods Collection Order) and is a fast and immediate means of informing the courier when and where to collect the shipment. These orders are free of charge if made on-line.

Can I order a goods collection using the computer?

Of course. The service is available 24 hours a day and lets you request a shipment collection quickly and automatically. To use the online collection system, the instructing party is first asked for the details of the sender and of who will be paying; they will then be asked other details to ensure the collection can be made successfully. It is compulsory to indicate the day and time when you want the goods to be collected and the quantity and type of goods to be transported. The other information requested is optional, but we recommend that you enter it.

Track & Tracing

How can I find out if a shipment has been delivered?

Go to the “Trace Shipments” section on the homepage and carry out a search using:
BRTcode: the shipment code (19 digits) given to the consignee when a notice of attempted delivery is issued and/or indicated on the alerts they receive
Shipment number: the 12-digit number indicated on the BRT carriage note.
Customer parcel ID number (the barcode attached to the parcel and TD by the customer)
Sender customer code and sender reference (alphabetical or numerical): the former is a 7-digit code that BRT allocates to the sender and the latter is the shipment accompanying document reference code used by the customer.
Having identified the shipment, it is easy to check its delivery status and view the carriage note with the signature of the consignee (POD image).

What is the purpose of the “Trace Collections” function in the customer area?

The service lets you trace goods collection requests and follow all stages of their progress. Online (web, email, FTP) collection requests made in the last two months are taken into consideration. The service can be consulted by entering various search parameters (sender's name, consignee's name, collection date, the date the collection was entered or the collection reference number, which is a number automatically assigned by the system when the collection request is entered).

What is the purpose of the “Trace Undelivered Goods” function in the customer area?

Goods may be undelivered for various reasons, e.g. because the consignee is away, unknown or has moved; because the delivery address is wrong or incomplete; because the consignee refused the goods because they were not what was ordered, etc. An undelivered goods process is opened and the sender is notified by fax or by the data exchange procedure with the BRT system, with the reason always being given. This information is also available on the BRT website: the service lets you trace ONLY shipments that are, or have been, undelivered and, with respect to individual shipments, lets you send instructions online to resolve undelivered goods processes that are still open. Shipments made within the last two months are taken into consideration.

Undelivered goods

What must I do if I receive an undelivered goods notification?

It depends on what you want to do. For example: If you want to change the previous instructions given (e.g. delivery address, cash-on-delivery amount, etc.) you must send written instructions to the relevant branch giving the new information; If you want the goods to be returned, you must inform the relevant branch in writing; If you want to confirm the previous instructions or provide any additional information (e.g. customer's telephone number, opening hours, etc.) you must contact the local branch. In all these cases, if you are a customer, you can enter the information directly on our website by clicking on the link contained in the notification sent by email.

Hold at depot

Can I come in person to collect the goods from your branch?

Shipments can be collected from our branches (Hold at Depot) at the request of the addressee or his representative, without the sender’s authorization.
A representative would be required to show:
-his own identity document
-an identity document for the addressee (a photocopy will suffice)
-an authorization form contained in the "download" section of the site www.brt.it
If the sender has supplied contact details, you will receive a notice, by e-mail or SMS, informing you of the availability for collection of the goods from the branch, supplying timetables and contact details for our offices, as well as the amount of any cash on delivery to be paid.

Damaged goods

What happens if the goods entrusted to you are damaged or lost?

Damaged goods procedures are opened and compensation is usually paid to whoever pays the transport costs. For uninsured shipments, the compensation is limited to that specified in legislative decree 286/05; for insured shipments, compensation is calculated in accordance with the amount insured.

Delivery times

What are BRT 's delivery times?

The times vary depending on whether the delivery is made in Italy or abroad. For deliveries in Italy, consult the "Calculate delivery times" section of the www. BRT .it website and simulate the post codes. For foreign delivery times, delivery is within 48/72 hours in many European countries for shipments by road. Otherwise, open the pdf in the " BRT Air Services" section of the website for air deliveries throughout the world. For any other needs, phone your local branch.


Can I change the delivery address of goods being sent to me?

This can be done only if the shipment sender has authorised the change in writing. Otherwise, we cannot authorise changes of address.

You attempted delivery but I was absent: What should I do?

If you were absent when our driver arrived, you will find an attempted delivery notice in your post-box with details of the shipment. A new delivery will automatically be scheduled for the next working day.
f the sender has supplied contact details, you will also receive a notice, by e-mail or SMS, confirming the date and approximate time of the new delivery as well as our customer service contact details.
If you want to change our schedule you can insert the BRTcode in the dedicated space on the homepage of our website and schedule a new delivery, indicating an alternative date or address (the latter must be authorised by the shipper) or requesting to make a collection at one of our branches.

What must I do to change the delivery address of goods being sent to me?

Changes of address must be authorised by the shipper. By inserting the BRTcode in the dedicated space on the homepage of our website, you can see if it is possible to make the changes you desire. If you do not have the necessary authorisation, contact the sender who, in turn, will have to communicate the new address to the relevant branch.


What is the BRTcode?

It is the new shipment ID code that enables the consignee to quickly track and manage their delivery online completely independently.
By inserting the BRTcode in the dedicated space on the homepage of our website, the consignee can access their shipment and find out the expected delivery date and time in real time (live tracking).
Following an attempted delivery (notice of attempted delivery) they can schedule a new delivery, indicating an alternative date or address (the latter must be authorised by the shipper) or request to make a collection at one of our branches.

Where can I find the BRTcode?

The BRTcode is visible on the attempted delivery notice and in the text of the messages received by SMS or email.